All Rotonda Heights members should have recently received a large packet of information in the mail from the Association regarding a revitalization of the Rotonda Heights Deed Restrictions. In response to some of the questions we have received, we would like to clarify a couple of quick items.

Revitalization of the Deed Restrictions is a process that is dictated by Florida Statutes and it is required by law for the Association to go through this process in order to maintain the Covenants and Restrictions on the properties in the subdivision. As indicated on the green proxy form provided to you, the law allows the association members to vote in one of two ways:

  1. Approve the Revitalized Deed Restrictions: This ensures that some level of Deed Restrictions remain on the properties in the subdivision. The law states that the Revitalized Deed Restrictions can not be more restrictive than the original Deed Restrictions recorded on the property (hence the low square footage minimums, etc.). Once approved, the Association is back up and running as normal and the members may elect to amend the Deed Restrictions as they see fit.


  1. Do Not Approve the Revitalized Deed Restrictions: If not approved, the Rotonda Heights Association will cease to have any enforceable deed restrictions, essentially dissolving the Association. This will allow owners the free and open use of their property with no ability to regulate any rules in the community.

The Rotonda Heights Deed Restrictions can not be amended to reflect the current standards of the community until the Revitalized Deed Restrictions are approved and filed with the State. If you are in favor of having Deed Restrictions in the Rotonda Heights community, we encourage you to please fill out the green proxy form with your approval and send into the Association. If you have any questions, please contact the management office at 941-697-9722.


Welcome to Rotonda Heights – a Deed Restricted community located on the southwest coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico.

The community features 1900 home sites situated around several beautiful private lakes and canals with many new homes being built each year. When you purchase property in the Rotonda Heights community, you automatically become a member of the home owners association, Rotonda Heights Conservation Association.

Rotonda Heights is in close proximity to Florida Gulf beaches where boating and fishing are some of the favorite past times. There are numerous restaurants, golf courses for the avid golfer, and other recreational activities.

This site provides a means for residents of Rotonda Heights to gather information about the community, download important forms and documents, and stay connected with events and happenings around the neighborhood.