Neighborhood Watch

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who are active participants in
our Neighborhood Watch. In order to insure our continued success,
please use the “Patrol Reservations” link on the website to sign up for
a day and time when you are available to patrol. If you do not have computer
access, please call Pete Thomas or Jim Harper to get on the schedule.

Kudos to our webmaster Peter Sawczynec for all the fine work he has done on our website. He is currently working on a social networking page that will allow our sponsors and members to provide information about their business’ and the services that they offer. In addition it will provide a forum for members to announce social and community events.

At the last meeting Deputy Baer advised there was an upswing in the theft of air conditioners in the South Gulf Cove community and the rest of the county. He asked us to be on the alert for such activity, emphasizing that someone who appears to be a legitimate A/C contractor may actually be there to steal all or part of an air conditioning unit. When in doubt, call the Sheriff’s office (not the 911 number) and let them determine if it is an authorized Contractor.

Deputy Baer also informed us of the creation of the Volunteer Services Unit by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department. For additional information, contact Corporal Al Upchurch at (941) 764-1533.

Hope to see some of the working members this time.

Jim Harper.

Neighborhood Watch

A Neighborhood Watch has been started in Rotonda Heights. Patrols began as of August 1st.
Requirements to be a member are that you are able to give one 2 hour block of time (you pick the time) per month.
All residents (owners, renters and snowbirds) are encouraged to get involved in this worthwhile program. For further information, please call Pete Thomas at 941-830-8469 or log on to the Rotonda Heights Watch website:

It is VERY IMPORTANT to sign up for watches on our new website, which is now operational, in order to keep our enthusiasm going. We have already done some good things for the neighborhood, even to locating a stolen car. We need to keep the good work going.

If you have any trouble with the website listed above, please email Pete Sawczynec at or call or email one of the officers, Pete Thomas, Jim Harper, Jean Mulligan, or Heather Szmigiel.
Thanks for all your watches so far,
Pete Thomas, President